The Joy of the Lord… How to have it?


JOY is key to living a full, healthy and peaceful life. The benefits are all we want and desire (health, provision, protection, relationships, restoration). Listen in while Linda shares from her own life how the Lord taught her about having Joy 24/7. People, places and things can make us happy or unhappy, but Joy only comes from the Lord.


We are to Bless the Lord…. how do we do that?


Scriptures say to "bless the Lord" and les His praise be continually in our mouth. Well, there is your answer. If we have His praise continually in our mouth, we are blessing the Lord. Why? Because there is nothing else that can come out that is contrary to the Lord! We can tell by what comes out of our mouth if we are in a right standing with God... by continually Blessing Him. Learn how to Bless the Lord and what comes when we do.


Bearing vs. Caring


Galatians 6:2 says to Bear one another's burdens... but it never says to carry, yet that is what many do and find themselves feeling oppressed, exhausted and even angry.  Learn to CARRY properly one another's burdens... and stay free so you are able to help all who come to you without being overwhelmed!


A Change is as good as a rest!


We need to get out of our old ruts... we do that by making some changes in our life. God continually changes us from glory to glory, and we need to participate as well. When we do things differently, we are also enhancing our life. Change is good. Some don't like change, well, we need to change that mindset! Then we will get to experience the amazing things God has for us.


Do You have Anger? You may not even know that you do… and could be preventing blessings


We may be operating under the spirit of anger and not even know it. Listen in as I share a personal account with Anger that will help you get free too. Once you are freed, it changes everything around you.


National Day of Prayer May 3


This is an hour of power!  If you missed attending the National Day of Prayer, here is an opportunity to listen in. Listen in as we prayed and worshipped together at the Plymouth Park in Plymouth. This even was faciliatied by Lfe Application Ministries (yours truly!).  It was a delight.  


Do we live with Assumptions? There is another way…


Let's get rid of what I call "SHUNS" - AssumpTIONS... AccusatIONS, SuspiCIONS, etc...  These keep us in bondage. The only TION we should live with is ExpectaTIONS with God... alone. For if we only have exptectations with God we are doing well to be free from any others. Psalm 62:5.


Living WITH Stress without BEING stressed


This is a 55 minute teaching.... but it is filled with life changing principles when dealing with stress. See, it's not the STRESSOR that is the issue, as a matter of fact it's a good think if you know what you are looking for in it. But it's how we respond.. it will determine if we are trusting the Lord or ourselves. This is a great teaching that will help you be restored in areas you may think is too hard... 


FORGIVENESS - have you really forgiven from your heart?


Sometimes we think we have forgiven somone... but if we still feel sick when we think of them, or have pain in our heart, or just never want to see them again, or feel nothing at all for them... then there still may be some residue of unforgiveness in your heart. The Lord looks at your heart, so must we. Listen in as I share how to truly forgive... even if you think you already have, even if you are the victim, even if you don't think you can...


Communion and Easter message


We will be taking communion and sharing an Easter Message of hope, salvation, healing and restoration.


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